From Castle to Castle

From Castle to Castle

Today begins my training for the Disneyland event called the Dumbo Double Dare.  It’s a 10K on Saturday Aug 30 (which I am running with my daughter Erin – YAY!)…and a Half Marathon on Sunday Sep 1st (which I am running by myself).  But it’s also V.E.R.Y cool because —- it marks a big accomplishment — I’m going to be running from Coast-to-Coast and Castle-to-Castle in 2013!!

If you run a race (10K or longer) in Orlando right through Cinderella’s Castle and then run a race (also 10K or longer) in Anaheim right through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, both within the same calendar year —  you earn the Coast-to-Coast medal too!   Walt and Mickey holding hands.  Love Love Love!

So I’m going Coast to Coast this year.  2013.  It’s a great year!

Bring it on.  It’s time to run!

Ciao for now….Diane

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