Found it!

Found it!

light switch

I spent the summer looking for my switch — just couldn’t make my body run without walking breaks. Then Friday, I ran 3 miles – s.t.r.a.i.g.h.t.   And today, 1.5 miles – s.t.r.a.i.g.h.t.  No breaks.  No walking.  And today — my run included my nemesis — the H.I.L.L.     Ohhh, with every step, I could feel my core muscles seizing up — the “I’m about to vomit” feeling is juuuuust inches away.  But I found my switch again.

Then it dawned on me — I was looking for my switch in my body.  All this time, I was looking in the wrong place.   Because the switch…is in my head.

I can turn it on whenever I want.  I just need to want it badly enough!

Ciao for now….Diane

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