fighting….always fighting…

fighting….always fighting…

…and some of the hardest fights are those against doubt.  Self doubt.



I see success in others, and while I am EVER so happy for them, I cant help but wonder — what is wrong with me — that I cannot win my own battle?

No answers today.  Just trying to get the feelings out, so they don’t drag me down.

Fight again tomorrow Diane.

Ciao for now….Diane


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  1. Diane my friend I am right there with you….. I feel so sad and I can’t get out of my own way. I feel like a heavy flower with a broken stem. Why, why, why can’t I get my stuff together;/ I did not even go to work today which is unusual for me

    • Ivy…I think you need rest. (ps – I think I do too!) So take this “at home day”, and delight in it. No guilt. Roll around in it as the rest you need, and most of all be kind to yourself. Try (T.R.Y) not to spend it snacking. Take a warm bath, relax, soak, breathe.!! Then get up, get dressed, and go out and do something that will lift your spirits. We women — can’t be pillars of strength all the time. I think the key is….NOT to do too much damage (with food), when we are in our soft spots. Form a new comforting habit today.. Start today. Start small. Kindness….is my gift to you today Ivy. I gave some to myself this morning too.

      Love you!

      • Thanks for your kind words Diane ❤️I just want tomorrow to be a better day . I can’t even get my butte off this couch all day. I just want to have the nighttime come and go to sleep and restart tomorrow

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