Back to see the Shoe Dog

Back to see the Shoe Dog

Two days into my Dumbo Double Dare training .. (i just love saying that!  Ha!) … and the heel on my right foot is sore.  Again.  Still.  I’m not sure which.   Plantar Fasciitis!   My nemesis.


Convinced that now might be the time to see a Doctor, I began my research about who/where/when….you know…..all my best friends.  Well, what I came across is a litany of information that says basically…..the treatment for plantar fasciitis amounts to this:   anti-inflamatory medications, a night foot brace, and orthotics.

Well…..okie dokie.  The way I see it — I don’t need a Doctor for any of those things.    Or, let me say it differently.  I don’t think I need to see a doctor until I have tried all of those things on my own… see if it gets better.  So, that was my mission.  I’m heading back to the RoadRunner Sports.  There I can get a night brace AND belly up to the Shoe Dog and try these orthotics again.  But not without first having a long chat with the Shoe Dog’s Owner about how these orthotics failed me t.w.i.c.e. before!

I met MaryLee and she was great.  She heard my complaint about how the orthotics were made incorrectly before, and how the second pair caused shin splints.  And armed with all of this — we set out, MaryLee and I, to tame the Shoe Dog, and hopefully help my heel pain problem.  She spent considerable time forming my orthotics — and this new pair — has a nice arch in them.  Unlike the last two pairs.  MaryLee recommended that I break in the orthotics by walking in them for a week B.E.F.O.R.E. i attempt to run in them al all.  Hmmm.  Sounds like good advice.  Advice I did NOT get the last time. Pity.

Anyway — I walked out with a new pair of Brooks Glycerins for my new DDD training regimen.  And I also bought a pair of Nike’s.  B.r.i.g.h.t. P.i.n.k!!  I’m wearing them now, with the orthotics in them — and I have to say — early assessment is GREAT!  I feel a great amount of relief in my heel with this pair.

Trying to sleep at night while wearing a plantar fasciitis foot brace….well…’s challenging.    I woke up mid sleep and took it off for a bit — then put it back on a few hours later to finish the night.  My first steps in the morning were m.u.c.h. better, after just one night.  Pain greatly reduced.  So, I’m hoping I will get used to wearing it, so my sleep is not interrupted.  But so far — the combination of the orthotic and the night brace — I feel improvement.  Plus, I have my nubby foot roller too…..and a husband that gives a fab-U-lous foot massage!!

Hands off the anti-inflammatories for now.  That’s a desperate measure for race week is how I feel about meds.  I’m not feeling anywhere near that bad right now.  Heck, if I could make it through Marathon training and the deep, persistent soreness I felt back then…..well…..this is a cake walk I am feeling now.  I just don’t want to end up with a chronic injury….if I can avoid it.

So…..I’m back in the running business…..and feeling great about it!

Ciao for now….Diane




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