Back at it

Back at it

4 miles today in the amazing fall.  Crunching leaves under my feet was a joy-filled sound as I ran my way to the Church and back.  Yesterday’s lack-luster experience turned into a gift today.  Just like Marathon Brian said about yesterday, “enjoy the rest“.  And so I did, and it made today’s Monday run all-the-better.  No, not easy.  Still the same pattern — the convincing, the encouraging, the relaxing and the patience-making.  But I turned around at the Church for the 2 miles back, and heard a bit of Chariots of Fire in my head.  LOL.  Ok, not really – but I felt wonderful.  And it was a wonderful, unexpected surprise.  The cool air on my cheeks was reminding me why I love running, and helping me get over the panic attack I had yesterday.

Even the HILL couldn’t hold me back today.  I went up that thing at a solid respectable pace.  Only toward the very top, where the incline is the steepest did my pace slip.  But once I made it over the top, I extended my hips just a little, let my legs extend an inch or so and ran myself straight to the Street Sign Finish Line.

Joy! Filled!  I’m Back At It!  Courage is a whisper sometimes…..Always ….Always listen to whispers!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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