5 days — Feeding my spirit

5 days — Feeding my spirit

Each morning I wake up with extra pep in my step.  I’m excited.  This is the week I bang a new dent into the Earth and stamp it “Diane was Here!”

I rubbed some Icy Hot on my knee last night before I went to bed and it felt better today.  Tuesday is my OFF day, so no running today – which was lucky because I had to be in the car by 545a for the long drive to Stamford, Ct for work.

Physically I’m building up as the week progresses.  The last bits of congestion from being sick last week are still present in my lungs, but shouldn’t present  a problem come race day.   I hope!  My mind and spirit are in a really GOOD place.  I’m going to keep working on those positive affirmations.  When I visited bmindful.com this morning, I found myself drawn to the “Power” affirmation category.   When it comes to feeding my spirit…..I kinda have to take the back seat, and let her draw me towards what she wants.  My spirit’s needs aren’t predictable.  I can’t guesstimate what she will need on a day-to-day basis, so I’ve found the most profound and effective way to satisfy her is to expose her to as much spiritual nutrition as possible….and let her seek out what she needs.  Like a moth to a flame, she has never let me down.  Sometimes she is laser sharp and goes straight for a target, sometimes she wanders and samples, nibbles and tastes, until she finds what is needed to satisfy and nourish us.  She is learning, just as I am, to find what she needs without the use of a fork or a spoon.  It feels wonderful having her evolve along with me. 

I would have thought that my spirit would have sought out “Success” affirmations this week, since that IS what I am after on Sunday, Race Day!   But then it dawned on me.  An Ah-Ha moment!  I’ve already got Success in the Bag!  I’m already Successful at this Half Marathon Venture.  In my soul, this race is run, and I have already won.  All that is left is the Doing, as some wise old sage once termed it.  So when it came to seeking out food for my spirit,  today, she wanted POWER.

Power, hmmm, power.  Weird.  That is a new one.   I’ve never really focused on Power.   For most of my life, I made the mistake of thinking that because I was overweight (obese really), that I didn’t have Power.   What a foolish, gullible girls I was to listen to that Evil Inner Voice Again!     I mean, really – what is Power anyway?  Oh, wait… Yup, back to the Dictionary we go!

Power:  the ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.

Huh?  That’s it?  All those years I spent believing I didn’t have Power, and that I wasn’t Powerful….and  that’s all it ever was?  Yup.  Pretty ironic huh?  I mean, who amongst us does not possess “the ability to do……..something, anything”.  Most of us, even those of us who may have physical impairment, have the ability to do…..something.   So why have I never focused on my Power?  I feel quite Powerful at Work, I feel Powerful with Numbers, and with Math, and with People and with Clients.   I feel Powerful when I focus on things that need me to propel them forward.  Why have I never focused on myself?

“What does that mean – focus on yourself, Diane?”  Er – well, …hold on……

Focus:   the concentration of attention or energy on something. 

Yeah.  THAT’s right!  “Why didn’t I get busy putting my attention and energy on myself sooner? ”   Do you want the honest answer love?    Well, Diane — the honest answer is — “Because you didn’t think you were more important than everything else going on.”  TA-DAH!!!

Kind of a downer, huh?  Nothing mystical, nothing magical, not really meaningful.  Nope.  Just the plain, boring, lack-luster truth.  I just didn’t make myself a priority in my own life.   Whew…..now THAT sentence is so sad, THAT’s profound!

So….How’s THAT for a Wake Up Call!  Are you AWAKE???  YET???  Oh, not just Yes, but  HELL YES!!

With all the spiritual goodies out there on bmindful.com to be found and devoured today — my spirit went right for Power, and it makes all the sense in the world to me now.  As I inch closer to Sunday, and the 13.1 miles ahead of me, two simple truths have chosen this week to reveal themselves to me.

1)  This Race is a metaphor for the rest of my life.  Come on already….I can run 13.1 miles.  And when I do — I will be teaching myself the second simple truth…..

2) I am capable!  Of just about ANYTHING I put my focus, energy and attention on doing! 

So, with 5 days to Race Day, with my mind and spirit full of positive Powerful affirmations, the one that was glowing Yellow, tickling my spirit and felt  most joyous and profound, is this last thought I will leave with you today.  It is a simple, beautiful truth.

I focus my power.  I change my life.

Let’s face it — it’s never been about not having Power.  It’s always been about Focus — concentrating your energy and attention on IT.  Ok, I’m going to be blunt, and a bit callous for a moment.  I don’t care how old you are or how much you weigh….you CAN do something and walk your way out of the prison of weight you have built around yourself. 

Believe, focus your energy and attention on IT, and come with me.  Cuz, we’ve gotta go.  Time is ticking, Life and friends are waiting, and besides….that old Couch is all worn out anyway.

I focus my power.  I change my life.

I focus my power.  I change my life.

Say it again.

Say it again.

And again.

Don’t stop.

Ciao for now…….Diane

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