365 Days of Happiness (105/365)

365 Days of Happiness (105/365)

Peter’s father was laid to rest today in Holland.  Direct flights were incredibly expensive and the flights with layovers were 12-18 hours of travel each way.  Ugh.  What happened to the concept of “compassion flights” for people who need to travel last-minute for this very purpose.  I suppose airlines had to eliminate “compassion” in the search for best profits.


The good news….Peter’s nephew was able to arrange for the memorial service to be telecast for the Americans who found it difficult to travel.  So this morning we logged in and watched the lovely service.  Peter’s sister Karen arranged flowers from Peter and I and a smaller arrangement from Cait and Erin.  Each of the sisters spoke, it was lovely.

Rest in peace Piet.  I am sure you are dancing in heaven with Peter’s mom, Co.  Today, I am again grateful for the technology that manages to connect hearts over thousands of miles.  #ChooseHappiness365 (105/365).

Ciao for now….Diane

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