365 Days of Happiness (104/365)

365 Days of Happiness (104/365)

My husband Peter’s favorite hobby is photography.  If you could see some of his equipment…with those lenses….he’s like our own personal paparazzi.  Step off Kim K!  He’s here for u.s.


A number of years ago, Peter sought out a photography club to join.  Fast forward a few years….and he’s the President of the Raritan Photographic Society.  You know what they say — cream always rises to the top!

So he’s off to his club meeting tonight.  They are having a competition.  That’s when all the members submit photo’s they have taken around a particular theme — and they bring in a professional judge to judge the quality and artistry on a few experience levels.   I’m so happy to see him submitting 2 of his photographs in the competition tonight.  He gets so side tracked into the administration part of the club sometimes — you know — “care and feeding” to keep it thriving — that he misses out on the thing that he loved about it to begin with — The Photography!

So, I’m home alone tonight.  Just Me and the Republicans.  Haha!  God forbid!  …Ya, the debate is on.  But I’m really happy, because out there in the big world tonight, my baby is enJOYing his “thing”!  #ChooseHappiness365 (104/365)  #SleepingWithThePresident

Ciao for now…..Diane


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