365 Days of Happiness (210/365)

365 Days of Happiness (210/365)

We left Florida today for the drive North.  Since we will be driving most of Saturday — I caught a quick Weight Watchers weigh in this morning.  Today will be “accountability Saturday” this week.  I’m kinda loving the picture for this week #HonestyEqualsFreedom


First – let’s talk about how the week “felt”.  It was a week of busy days.  My food protocol was a mix of home cooked (protein filled) meals and a few “outside” food nights, ie Cici’s pizza – so I was sometimes nervous.  I mean, I tracked it all and stayed within my points (WPs eaten this week) — but “trust” is still hard, Brah.    The biggest ‘GREAT’ change was — no night-time snacking beyond my planned snack.  I go to bed feeling a little e.m.p.t.y….this leads to my feeling lighter every morning.  I LOVE THAT!

Also, I have developed a new night-time habit which makes me very very happy.   7pm – some nice t.v – with a 3sp KozyShack rice pudding and a cup of tea  <3

Results of the week:  Down 1.8 pounds for a total of 47.4 pounds lost — AND (drum roll please)…. my weight today is 229.8!  YES!  I made it into the 220’s.  (All the weight watchers out there will k.n.o.w. how exciting it is to move into a new lower weight decile).

Best result of the week — I feel happy.  Lighter (on my feet and in my soul)…and lighter on my knee — which is getting stronger every day.

#ChooseHappiness365 (210/365)  #AccountabilityRocks #HonestyIsFreedom #KeepFighting

Ciao for now…..Diane

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