365 Days of Happiness (149/365)

365 Days of Happiness (149/365)

I first fell in love with guacamole at Tortilla Jo’s — a mexican restaurant in the Downtown Disney area at Disneyland.  At TJ’s they come to your table with a cart and make guac right in front of you — made to order, just as you like.  Oh but the fun doesn’t stop there — they also leave a heaping bowl of these thin, salty corn tortilla chips.  The perfect SHOVEL to move the guac from the bowl to my salivating mouth.  Ahhhh.  Heaven.  I think I still have the original 5 pounds I gained that day when I first took guac as my lover in Anaheim.


Today — it’s different — but if I have learned ONE thing on my diet journey, it is THIS.  “You Must Keep Your Lover Close and Happy, or It will Make Your Life Hard!”

So this morning as I was making my scrambled eggs and chicken sausage – I reached for a beautiful avocado that we bought at the market yesterday.  Opened her up, spooned her creamy goodness into a bowl, added some salt, pepper, garlic spices, and mashed it with a fork.  When my eggs were ready, I scooped 2 SPs worth of my creamy home-made guac on top of my eggs, stepped to the table with my fork….and continued my love affair.

Like most lovers…..no two are the same….but Oh, yes, it was so G.O.O.D!  :>

#ChooseHappiness365 (149/365)

Ciao for now……Diane

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