365 Days of Happiness (140/365)

365 Days of Happiness (140/365)

So we made it to April!  Whew…!   Let’s Get Packing!  April is Packing Month.


When I began this transition process, I knew that 2016 would bring me more questions than answers (at first!).  So I set a rule for myself.  It’s a back-to-basics kinda rule.  Sorta one of those “I learned everything I need to know in Kindergarten” kinda rules.  Here it is…(drumroll …..please!)……One. Step. At. A. Time!!


You’re let down?  That wasn’t a good enough rule???

Oh I beg to differ.   I’m telling you….over the past months, I have been asked by well-meaning friends..family…even myself…..more questions than one person can stand..without losing one’s mind!  And when I manage to muster an answer to their first question….a landslide of follow-up inquiries come next  ?????  So. Many. Questions.

And the truth is — I don’t have answers.   But all these loving friends…..were freaking me out with their questions.  Making me nervous — at a time when I was working as HARD as I can to keep myself c.a.l.m.

So – One Step At A Time has become my answer.

Q: “Hey Diane, you’re house is on the market, where are you moving?”  A: One step at a time.  

Q: “Oh your house sold…when you closing?” A: One step at a time.  

Q: ” How’d that interview go?  Gonna get the job? …. A: One step at a time.  

It really is the only way I have managed this transition so far….and still be able to sleep at night.  Helps me feel like I don’t have to have all the answers today, tomorrow, or any other day.  I’m just taking this process…one.step.at.a.time. And one day….I will take that last step….and I will have arrived!  🙂

So — April is here….and here is what we know.  Our house has sold.  I’m interviewing for jobs.  When I land a job, it will guide where Peter and I move for our next home.  Our house is targeted to close on April 28th.  If we don’t have a job direction by then, we will put our furnishings in storage and head to Florida for a short period and continue the job search there.

So — April…is Packing Month.  And with a little luck..May will be Un-Packing Month.

Either way — we are happy.  And we stay on the path.  One step at a time.

Lots of love from us! #ChooseHappiness365 (140/365)

Ciao for now…..Diane (and Peter)

 ( and p.s.  — we know all your questions mean you love us.  We love you too!   As soon as we know, you will know!  <3  )

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Ciao! My name is Diane. I'm a wife, a mom, a working professional, and a Weight Watcher from New Jersey. I started blogging in 2011, at 45 years old, when I was training for my first Half Marathon at Rutgers on April 22, 2012. Since then, I've lost 80 pounds, completed my Half Marathon goal and gone on to train for and run my very first Full Marathon. On Jan 13, 2013, I ran the Disney Marathon in Orlando, Fl! What an incredible day. As the saying goes -- "The person who starts the race is not the same person who finishes the race." I am forever changed! So now we move on to the next phase of this journey! Come along. We're in this together!! Ciao for now!

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