365 Days of Happiness (139/365)

365 Days of Happiness (139/365)

Found these pictures on my phone from last trip.

Inside Cinderella’s Castle exists an exquisite piece of art.  The story of Cinderella told in tiny, color-filled mosaic tile. This is my absolute favorite place in the world.    Inside this place — I am 10 years old, holding my Daddy’s hand.  Looking.  Absorbing.  Admiring.  Someone…..took time, patience, and love….and caringly placed each piece of tile, perfectly into place.  S.h.i.v.e.r.s.


Enjoy this……and please….go visit for yourself and spend time just looking…absorbing…and admiring.  And, do it while holding the hand or someone you love.  <3

#ChooseHappiness365 (139/365)

Ciao for now…..Diane

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