365 Days of Happiness (117/365)

365 Days of Happiness (117/365)

Peter and I washed the Forerunner this morning…..and the experience made me feel 8 years old again.  #JoyRising


When we were little, my sister, brother and I would jump for joy when Dad told us it was — TIME TO WASH THE CAR! It was always the first warm weekend in spring.  He would hook up the hose and run it out to the sidewalk along with a huge bucket of sudsy warm water and big sponges.  Look out neighbors — we’re washing the car.  This is gonna be one BIG WET JOB.  So much fun.  Such warm wonderful memories.

Peter didn’t let me spray him with the hose like my siblings  (bummer!!)  — but it was still fun.  Sunshine on our faces. Chatter and laughter.  And the smell of Windex.  Nothing better.  #ChooseHappiness365 (117/365)

Ciao for now..Diane

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