365 Days of Happiness (116/365)

365 Days of Happiness (116/365)

There is something simple and (also) majestic about eating lunch outside in the sunshine on a picnic table.


I think it has something to do with being up close with nature.  Something comes over you that helps you connect with the ground, and the trees, and the grass, and the wooden planks of the table and bench seat, and all of a sudden you are reminded of how BIG the world is.  The walls of your home or workplace are gone.  You can stretch, and feel, and breathe!  B.R.E.A.T.H.E…….ahhhh.  The air never smelled so fresh and new.  The sandwich never tasted so good! SPRING.

Peter and I took a break from all of our work at home today — set out to Wawa and bought ourselves some sandwiches and iced tea for lunch.  We packed up our chocolate lab, Jewel,  into the truck and went to ….. n.a.t.u.r.e.

Lunch on a picnic table and a beautiful walk afterwards.  We saw deer, squirrels, birds…..lots of birds.  Oh and buds. Look at those trees and bushes the next time you are out…..the buds.  They know!   The promise of Spring.

68 degrees today.   It’s Coming.  #ChooseHappiness365 (116/365)

Ciao for now….Diane

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