100 Days of Happiness (39/100)

100 Days of Happiness (39/100)

This year marks the latest we have EVER dressed our Christmas Tree, with only 4 days to go!  Whew…..it’s like we barely made it.  But there she is — looking stunning — draped in our memories.   Erin, Cait, Peter and I made a pact this year.  “Only the ornaments we LOVE”!  So, every little glass bobble and bead means something to one of us.  My mom’s antique glass pine cones.  Peter’s mom’s glass wooden shoe and her original Hummel ornament.  Erin’s “Ich liebe dich” heart all the way from Germany and the little Rudolph reindeer she made when she was soo soo tiny.  Even Cait’s Justin Bieber ornament, she received from a friend yeeaaaaarrrrssss ago —- just because he knew it would make her happy 🙂


Every time I look at the tree this year,  my eye catches an ornament….and my heart travels to that time and place.  My heart is perpetually full of #ChristmasJoy #100happydays (39/100)

We’re getting close loved ones!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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