100 Days of Happiness (38/100)

100 Days of Happiness (38/100)

You’ve heard of the term ‘heartstrings’, right?   The dictionary says ‘one’s heartstrings‘ is a term used in reference to one’s deepest feelings of love or compassion.  I’m a very visual person — so I believe my eyes are connected to my heartstrings.  I see something, and my heart comes to life.  Remembering all the wonderful….about that moment, that person…..oh yes – my heartstrings are l.i.v.e.  w.i.r.e.s.!


These pine cone ornaments are My Mother.  My beautiful, generous, fun-loving, kind-hearted Mother.    I used to admire them on her tree every year — and one year, she just handed me the small box and told me to take them home. She didn’t realize it then, but that day — she gave me — herself.  I sit here in chilly New Jersey, on this day 5 days before Christmas, and I am full of my Mother (even as she sits on her lanai in warm, sunny Florida.)

I love you Mom.  I remember the color of your eyes, your easy laugh, your saucy jokes.  Mostly, I remember how warm your arms feel wrapped around me.  I miss you.  I love you.  I’m spending time with you – as you dangle from the branches of my twinkling Christmas Tree.   #100happydays (38/100)

Ciao for now….your little girl, Diane

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