100 Days of Happiness (71/100)

100 Days of Happiness (71/100)

The Blizzard of 2016 is underway!  The snow started last night about 730p with flurries floating in the air as Peter and I drove our cars to the station to fill up on gas.  The flakes in the night sky were pretty — THEN!  That was a little over 12 hours ago — things have changed!


Now, they have met up with zillions of their friends and a little over 12 hours later — we are getting buried in New Jersey.  The forecast is that it will snow A-L-L  D-A-Y!   This storm will blow outta here around 230am Sunday morning.  I let Jewel outside to pee through the garage this morning.  She fought her way over the snow-laden paved driveway to the yard.  As soon as the ground changed to grass below her feet, the poor old girl fell down…..like a KID, minus the snowsuit.

After ‘the business’ was done, I dried her off with a towel, esp those precious paws… and we made it safely back inside — with an assist for Jewel from Dad on the garage stairs.  Hey — we all need an assist now and then.

So — Blizzard On, Mother Nature.  We are safely home with many blessings:

  • Hot Tea!…….bread, milk, eggs, t.p.
  • A warm fire in the fireplace
  • family members safe and sound
  • Jewel sleeping on her dog bed, with dry paws 🙂
  • Peter’s snow blower is gassed-up and ready
  • And I’m …nursing my cold wrapped in my favorite, raggedy old “Linus” sweater  🙂

A happy Saturday, East Coast January style!  #100happydays (71/100)

Ciao for now….and stay warm and safe…..Diane

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