100 Days of Happiness (72/100)

100 Days of Happiness (72/100)

Ahhh, so “shovel-mania” is well underway.  Here in our town, the estimates are between 24 and 28 inches of fresh January snow.  Peter completed phase 3 of his “dig out plan” this morning — the worst of the 3, because it includes opening up the apron after the snow plows came through.  UGH!  Now he (and his new snowblower) are over at our neighbor Andrew’s house — helping Andrew dig out.  Neighborly love.

Today’s happy thought is a GIFT for us all.   Hawaiian leis.




They are so beautiful!  This isn’t why they have rainbows on their license plates in Hawaii ….but it SHOULD be!

It’s like wearing spring around your next…minus the bees!

The flower variety is amazing.  Some leis are single strung, other double strung.  Look.  They aren’t cheap.  If you can….IF YOU CAN…Sacrifice a Mai Tai and get one of these when you are on Hawaii.  If you just can’t stretch the budget…..then do yourself a favor and use some of your wait time in Honolulu Airport in the gift shop where they sell these.  Take a close look at them.  Really Look.  Admire them.  They are beautifully and simply Hawaiian.  Joy on a string.  #100happydays (72/100)

Ciao for now….Diane

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