100 Days of Happiness (35/100)

100 Days of Happiness (35/100)

So you see — my mind is LOCKED on two things.  #1 Erin is coming home from Dublin tomorrow!  YAY!!  and #2  We will decorate the Christmas Tree tomorrow!  YAY again!

A silly thing that I’m thinking about.  Some time-honored traditions from the past are hard to find in these modern times.  Example:  Tinsel.  Yea, tinsel!  I LOVE TINSEL!  My mom would let us kids just DRAPE the tree in tinsel.  That thing could stop traffic, it was so shiny.


One year I went out to buy tinsel, and……WHAT???  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Store owners in the area, repeating something about it being a fire hazard…blah blah blah.  I finally found it in a dollar store somewhere…..a place where — let’s face it — MOST THINGS in that store are a fire hazard!  I bought two boxes, and since then — well — my taste and sense of style has ‘matured’ over the years — those 2 boxes have lasted almost 6 years.  LMAO, yes yes — just a little sparkle and glitter on my tree these days, so you can actually SEE the tree, BUT STILL — TINSEL, GOTTA HAVE IT!

So here’s to TINSEL.  Most certainly a happy thing 🙂  #100happydays (35/100)

Ciao for now…..Diane

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