100 Days of Happiness 2/100

100 Days of Happiness 2/100

Peter and I have had a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge since August.  We had planned to “pop the cork” when Erin left for college.  A celebration of each other — as we began the next phase of our lives together as the proverbial ’empty nesters’.

Haha – it sounded good on paper —- but it never happened.

champagne cocktail

So today, we journeyed to the Wine Store and treated ourselves to a bottle of Chambord liqueur.  Decadent black raspberry and just w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.  Peter opened the champagne tonight and we made ourselves a simple little champagne cocktail.  Simple.  Such a treat.  Just lovely.  Oh, and its even Weight Watchers friendly!  4ppv in total.

#100happydays (2/100)

Ciao for now…..Diane


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