100 Days of Happiness (1/100)

100 Days of Happiness (1/100)

My friend Faith Dara has been posting 100 Days of Happiness. It was an inspiration passed on to her by a friend in her life. By association on FB — it’s had a wonderful effect on me. Each day, I would come to FB with an excitement, an expectation … to see the small, simple things that brought happiness into Faith’s life. It made me smile. Her happiness was contagious!


Faith is a teacher, and one day, her “happy thing” was a box. It was a box of books from the Scholastic Book Club. Ohhh — my heart was full of joy, remembering back to my elementary school days, and how excited I was the day the books came. Out of a box similar to Faith’s box came “Little House in the Big Woods” and sooo many others. Those boxes — are the beginning of a lifelong love of reading for so many! I found myself sitting there looking at FB — filled with happiness for the kids in Faith’s class. They were about to experience once of life’s simple joys. Small, but noteworthy. The kind of joy that stays with a person ….into their adulthood. Kinda like me.

I’m beginning a phase in my life, where I’m going to need 100 Days of Happiness. So, with today — I begin. Today is day 1 of 100.

My happiness today — is Faith. Faith is a special, amazing, inspirational young woman. You know how sometimes you meet someone and you say — ‘that one is going to go on to do amazing things one day’? Well…Faith already is. She has brought happiness into my life and my life has been made richer by knowing her.

Thank you Faith. ‪#‎100happydays‬ 1/100

Ciao for now……Diane

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