100 Days of Happiness (14/100)

100 Days of Happiness (14/100)

With Thanksgiving behind us, I like to take this beautiful Friday and begin what should be referred to as “Christmas Card & Holiday Card” season.  Oh, the joy!  Christmas trees, colorful twinkle lights AND christmas and holiday cards!  It really can’t get any better.


You may have noticed, many things that I love come from the traditions passed on to me from my wonderful Mother.  When we were little, elementary school age — we were allowed to bring Christmas cards to school to give to our classmates.  There was only ONE rule.  RULE:  You must bring one for everyone, no leaving anyone out.  Easy enough.

This was in the days before such things as “class moms”, yet even then, my mom would volunteer to make a Christmas Card box for the classroom.  She would take a brown box, with a removable lid, and wrap it in pretty Christmas wrapping paper.  Get out the good ‘ole Elmers Glue — attach some twinkly garland, and ribbon.  To the lid she would attach those individually wrapped miniature candy canes.  Little dangling treats — enough for everyone to have one.  Always fair, always.   Mom would cut a slot into the top of the box, so all of us kids — could insert our Holiday cards.

Mom made one of these for each of our classrooms.  For my brother Donald, my sister Debbie, and me.  She was wonderful!

On the last day before our Christmas break, our teachers would have a little party.  Mom sent in cup cakes, other moms did the same.  Our teacher would open the Christmas card box, and call out our names and hand out the cards,  Everyone received beautiful, simple, (many hand-made, “nothing special-but-OH-SO-Special”) cards.

When we brought them home, my mom would get out the tape and we would hang our cards around the mantel in our living room.  And when that space was full, we’d hang them around the doorways.  Cards…cards we brought home from school, cards that came in the mail from loved ones and family.  You know, sometimes — I have to work hard to remember what things were like when I was little.  But this — this is sooo easy.  At Christmas our home was full of cards.

So.  I have a door in my kitchen, which leads to our basement.  This is our “Card Door”.  During the years its been filled with Birthday Cards, Graduation cards for Caitlin and Erin, Anniversary Cards for Peter and I.   And now, here we are,   on the other side of Thanksgiving, and my heart is so full of my mother and memories of our family cards — I can barely wait to begin to hang them on our door!  (Oh – you will get to see it – in December!)

All of this just fills my heart, makes me feel teary and emotional.  One thing I know I will do today.  I will mail my Christmas and Holiday cards.  To send Love and Joy to people that fill my life with Happiness all year long.

Christmas and Holiday Cards.  Happiness to last the seasons of your life!  #100happydays (14/100)

Ciao for now……Diane

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