100 Days of Happiness (13/100)

100 Days of Happiness (13/100)

Happy Thanksgiving!!  I’m up early — a creature of habit.   My plans are to stay home today, cook a turkey for Peter and myself, and (of course) — watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


This is the first year since our girls were B.O.R.N — that Cait and Erin are not with us for Thanksgiving.  Erin is still in Dublin, in class today.  (Ohhhh, those Irish don’t know what they are missing – turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce!)   And Cait is spending the holiday with my sister Deb and our mother, in Florida.  It’s wonderful really – my mom just loves the company.  We will both be making her legendary stuffing today 🙂

So Thanksgiving is small and quiet this year.  However, as I watch the parade today, I will be drawn back (heart, mind and soul) to the year we froze our butts off on the corner of a cold New York street corner at 6am, to watch the parade come down the street.  Balloons, floats, singers, dancers, bands, clowns, streamers, confetti…..and two little girls full of smiles, laughter and hot chocolate.  I can see it…as clearly…as if it were today.  #AHeartNeverForgets   Today will be warm.  full of love.  full of family.  Because miles don’t matter, where there is L.ove!

Love.  Family.  Joy.  and Happiness.  Happy Thanksgiving!  #100happydays (13/100)

Ciao for now……Diane

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