Well…Hello Ms. Jones

Well…Hello Ms. Jones

Have you ever seen the movie Bridget Jones’ Diary? It’s da bomb. Hysterical and painful – on so many levels.


Overall, the premise is – a year in the life of a very (extra) ordinary British girl through all the normal (and non-normal) capers of a young woman trying to live her life in London. Every New Year’s Day – she starts her year with a brand new diary. A blank journal full of blank pages — which she will spend the year attempting to fill. Oh – she wants to fill them with love and happiness. Joy and fun. But L.I.F.E – well, it doesn’t always turn out that way.

She starts her Diary with an assessment (of sorts). A look back as a spring board to propel forward.

An accounting:

~~~  How many pounds she weighs (or stones perhaps – this is London);

~~~ How many cigs she smoked,

~~~ How many liters of alcohol she drowned her sorrows in the prior year.

~~~ Oh yes – and how many Mr. Wrongs she met, tussled with, and sloughed off – while on the search for Mr. Right.

A Year. Of Accounting. For what she did. Good or Bad.

As I anticipate my daughters leaving for college in just about 3 week. THREE. That doesn’t even require One Full Hand of Fingers to count. As I look upon myself having dedicated free time in my empty nest in THREE weeks – I’m going to begin a diary.  I’m not going to wait till New Year’s.  Today is the right day…to start.  ANYTHING!

For a year.

365 days of Me.

Heaven help us both!  🙂

Ciao for now….Diane

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