Weekly Update – Weigh in Day

Weekly Update – Weigh in Day

Saturday is Weight Watchers Weigh-in Day for me — so I think I will dedicate Saturday posts to an update on my WW progress.  I woke up today and it was 32 degrees.  Brrrrrr.  I dressed and got ready with every intention of riding my bike to the meeting center, but once I stepped outside with the dogs this morning, I knew the temps had crossed the line into a zone that was below “bike level”.  I think I can manage 40’s….but not 30s.  So, change the plan.  I unpacked my backpack that I wear when I bike, and warmed up the car.  I also promised myself I’d go for a bike ride or a walk later today when the weather warms up in the afternoon, so I still earn those 4 APs (Activity Points) that I will miss from not biking to the meeting.

Weigh-In was Good.  I lost 1 pound this week and felt really good about that.  I’ve set a goal for myself — I’m going to try to lose 11.2 pounds by Jan 1, 2012. This would mean that I ring in the New Year  under 200 pounds!   Under 200 pounds for the first time in about 15 years.  That’s a big milestone.  However, I’m not going to get crazy about this goal — it’s a directional goal, designed to set my eye on the target and to keep it there.  The timing really doesn’t matter. Only the direction matters.  Whatever day I break that 200 pound threshold will be the beginning of a NEW Year for me, so it’s all good!

Keeping my eye on the long-term goal in the face of a delicious snack is a problem for me.  I know I am deeply committed, but even with that commitment, it is so easy to grab that snack, or yummy treat without thinking much about it.  I’ve been focusing on Visualization this week.  Trying to Visualize my goal.  Trying to help myself make better decisions “in the moment”…..maybe that should read “in the moment of weakness” – cuz we ALL have them.  I made two post-it notes that simply read “11.2”.  I posted one on the refrigerator door and posted the other on the pantry door — right at my eye level.  So this way, as I am opening those door, I stop myself for a moment, — Just long enough to help myself make a conscious decision…..Am I hungry ?  Does this choice support my goal of 11.2?  Notice I’m not asking myself, Do I really want this.  Because that answer would ALWAYS be Hell Yes, I want 2 or 3.    So the question I’m asking myself matters.  It needs to be positive.  It needs to be unemotional.  It needs to be a question that supports my long-term goals and recognizes that the next thing I do (EAT or NOT EAT) is MY CHOICE.  Yup.  You own it Diane.

Look, I’m not a psychologist, I suppose I’m just dedicated to working as hard on figuring out the causes of my over eating as I am working to get rid of the weight.  I think that’s a meaningful part of the “forever”change I’m looking for on this journey.

So, One week – 1 pound down.  A good week.  Gotta run now.  Gotta go scratch out those 11.2’s on the post-its and make it 10.2.  That’s gonna feel GOOOOD!!

Ciao for now….Diane

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