the sky opened up today

the sky opened up today

and buckets of rain fell from the heavens……


…and it was kind of pretty ūüôā

The sounds of a driving rain like that, and the smell….Ohhhh….the smell. ¬†It’s so f.r.e.s.h. ¬†So new. ¬†So clean. ¬†Like everything bad was washed out of the world and what was left….was baptised. ¬† ¬†Born again. ¬† P.e.r.f.e.c.t….again.

Metaphorically, I threw myself out into that rain. ¬†And let every one of those million drops just wash away my sin. ¬†So I could be reborn again. ¬†Released from my bad behavior…my laziness….my lack of discipline.

Pressed against the front picture window…..waiting with towels in hand… dry off my soaking wet daughters who were running home from the corner where the late bus dropped them off.

LOL, they are a little too old and also still a little too young to realize…..This Is One Of Life’s Glorious Moments…..One To Be Enjoyed. ¬†

It’s funny how we go from being blissful children who stomp in puddles… teenagers (who care more about their hair and their jeans than ….well…..just about anything) …… to middle-aged women who step out onto the front porch with purpose …to get wet…and smell the fresh new world….drenched with rain.

Life’s circle is lovely.

Look out Peter……there just might be a puddle out there with my name on it!

Ciao for now…..Diane


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