The Day Before

The Day Before

One day left.  The heart is beating faster today.  Distraction, Diane.  Remember?

Peter and I began the day early.  We jumped in the car and head out for a Weight Watcher’s Meeting.  Hey?  It’s Saturday morning.  Somethings just FEEL right, and this is one of them.  For me.  As soon as we left our Raratonga building at the Poly….we heard it.  The Half Marathon.  They were out there.  The Runners.  Doing It.  God, I got goosebumps AND a nauseous stomache…all at the same time.  LOL

As we began to drive out of the parking lot of the resort…we saw it.    Glory.  Laid out with huge lights, and cones, and signs, and people, and…..runners.  All the runners.  Wow, as soon as I saw them….the runners…….my nerves settled down, and inside my soul whispered these words to me….”I want to BE them“.  Shhhh, be patient.  You ARE them.  Tomorrow.

Sitting in my room, and running around the expo and “doing Disney” has been nerve-wracking.  It’s like trying to run around, attempting to be “normal”, just “on vacation”, and all “goin’ swimmin'”..all while ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room.  Um, there is a M.A.R.a.T.H.o.N on Sunday, Diane!  {GULP}.  Yea, it’s been nerve-wracking being down here on a mini-vacation….until today.  This morning, at 630a, in the dark, (which was not dark AT ALL because it was lit up like Christmas by the Walt Disney Corporation), this morning everything fell into place…and I felt it.    Instead of the “I’m scared” feeling.  I felt the “I can’t wait to do this” feeling. me — over the next 8 hours, my feelings are going to bounce around like little metal balls in a pin-ball machine (remember those?  they were fun little quarter-eaters that existed before the Wii.  Ha!  Before the Wii?  Like when the dinosaurs roamed the earth??  If you have kids over 12, you get me!).  I digress.  But I want a dime for every time people, just random people in the parks, on the bus, in the restaurants, or in the pool — untold numbers of people who told me — “everybody’s scared….until you get started.  Then… will be fine“.  Ahhh, Dimes.  Heaps and piles of shiny little dimes.   10 cents worth of priceless advice from people who were in my shoes once.   I’m heading to bed tonight…choosing to believe them.  These friendly strangers. 🙂

Excitement.  Trying to reign it in.  Long enough to sleep a solid 4-6 hours.

Tomorrow is almost here.  Over 4 months of training coming to a close tonight.  Sweet Dreams tonight, Diane.  Sweet, Strong Dreams!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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