Super Soul Tuesday

Super Soul Tuesday

First and foremost — All credit for the story go to Oprah! ¬†The impressions…they are mine ūüôā

So when you hear something on Sunday…..and it’s still in the forefront of your thoughts on Tuesday — something magical is happening. ¬†It’s Learning Time!


On Sunday, I sometimes watch the OWN network, because I love the Super Soul Sunday program. ¬†Oprah interviews people and the topic is typically something spiritual. ¬†No, it’s not about God and it’s not preachy – rather it’s poignant, touching — the Human Spirit kind of thing. ¬†I Love That!

I saw two parts of two shows, while I was showering after my Sunday long run and cleaning up my bedroom a bit. ¬†The first was an interview with Nate Berkus. ¬†Nate is a tv personality, he had a design show on tv for a while. ¬†Well Nate was in Sri Lanka during the Christmas tsunami back in December 2004. ¬†His partner Fernando was killed in the tsunami and was never seen again. ¬†The ocean swept in and took him, and he disappeared as if he’d never been. ¬†Nate talked about how it took him a long time to recover his interest in living again. ¬†He had to learn that if he continued his mourning, that it would be as if he had not survived! ¬†WOW! ¬†He learned to put down his grief and make his survival count. ¬†He said that he heard Oprah say something once , which Oprah attributes to Dr. Maya Angelou — and the essence of it was this, ” When a soul finds what it has come here to find, it goes.”

Ahhhhh. ¬†That soaked into my soul like a salve on an open wound. ¬†Loss is one of this Life’s most challenging human moments. ¬†And here, in a moment on television….I heard something that soothed my soul. ¬†It quieted that place in my heart that cries like a little baby for the people I have lost in my life. ¬†It even calms the scared part of me who worries about losing those I NEED who are still here. ¬†The fragility of life is overwhelming sometimes. ¬†And since Sunday….I’ve been thinking about Nate, sending my best comforting thoughts to him…..and then, I’ve been learning from him. ¬†Learning to try and think about life in the new way he does. ¬†I’d like to learn from his near-death moment…..and live the rest of my life, through his tsunami. ¬†God bless you Nate. ¬†And god bless you Fernando. ¬†Your soul found its home…..and then… were gone. ¬† ¬†May we all be so lucky in this life. ¬†May we all be so lucky.

This is the magic of Super Soul Sunday. ¬†I’ll save Super Story #2 for tomorrow.

Ciao for now……Diane

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