Short N Sweet

Short N Sweet

Drove home from work in Stamford, Ct last night, psyching myself up to run when I got home.  I’m a morning person, so finding energy to exercise after a long day of work is a steep challenge for me.  Add to that……how heavy and slow and tired i felt on Sunday! And what a bust that run was.  Ugh.  Wasn’t looking forward to it.  But…..I still owed Today what Today required of me, so.  No choice.

Drove home playing loud music…music that I love to run to.  Fed myself thoughts about how awesome it was going to be to run tonight.  Awesome.  Awesome.  Awesome.

End result:  I ran my two miles, Piece Of  Freaking (Coconut) Cake.  Mind Tantrum Over.  Game on!

Ciao for now…….Diane

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