Post Marathon Recovery

Post Marathon Recovery

I knew I would be ok when I managed to put my underwear on all by myself today!  Haha!!

We were up early, out to breakfast and heading to the airport today.  Since we’re not in a school break period, we’ve got to get back home.  And it’s a pity really, because now that my work is behind me — I’m L.O.V.I.N.G. the 78 degree weather!  Ahhh!!!

When I woke up, and put my feet down on the carpet…I took my first step and WOW — I felt pretty good!  My right knee and my sad, injured right foot were sore, but 90% of my stiffness was gone!   I hobbled to the bathroom……and managed to shower and dress by myself.  You laugh, but we mustn’t take simple things for granted.  Not after a marathon.

Here’s a YouTube video a friend shared with me about Post Marathon recovery.  Take a look, and know IT’S 100% TRUE!

LOL, luckily — I only felt like that yesterday….and I’m already on the road to recovery.  The Ice Bath in combination with nighttime IcyHot application and lots of water hydration and slow but steady movement……was exactly the right thing for me.  A tip from me on the Ice Bath.  [Dun..dun..DUN!!]  These words (ICE  BATH) strikes the fear of God into most people.  Including me.  It’s a scary idea.  And a painful thing.  BUT.  Folks.  For real….it’s no where as bad as it feels to try to recover from a Marathon without an Ice Bath.  Sorry.  But it’s just one of Life’s Truths.  So.  DO…THE…ICE….BATH!

And when you do….remember boiling the frog.

WHAT THE??  Boiling?  Frog?

Yea.  Boiling the frog.  What’s the old saying??…..If you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, he will jump right out.  But if you put a frog in a pan of water, and bring it up to boiling..he’ll stay right there and… boil.  OK, OK….it’s not a pretty picture..but it proves my point.  [Here it come..and YES…YOU ARE THE FROG!].  When you Take an Ice Bath.  Do NOT…..under any circumstances….fill up a tub with freezing water…..and then fill it up with Ice….and then drop yourself into it.  LMAO — it will feel like a fate worse than death.  And I’m not THAT masochistic!

Instead….you want to turn on the cold water…..and get in.  Yes, as bad as that sounds….you want to be IN the tub as the cold water starts to fill.  Let yourself adjust to it.  The heat from your body (which was just running for a LONG time) will sustain you and keep you OK for a good while.  I let the water fill up so my hips, knees and thighs are covered in water.  Then I shut off the water.  THEN…..Peter fills me up with Ice.


Like the Frog.

I sit.

And Boil.

In Ice.

Until my own body temperature melts the ice.  It usually takes about 10 minutes.

My toes hurt the worst.  And by the time I’m done — I’m soo cold — that I jump into my warmest pajamas, and have a hot cup of coffee.  It’s an incredibly difficult 10 minutes….but I’m not kidding you….I’ve done 15 miles without doing an ice bath, and I felt like a 100-year old woman for 2 days.  Ever since..I’ve been taking the Ice Baths after long runs…and taught myself to love them.  Love them like a necessary evil.  Love them like an epidural during childbirth.  It’s not something you’d do everyday for no reason…..but when the right moment comes along… find yourself BEGGING for one.

Ahhh….how life has changed!  LOL

Tonight, I’m happy to be Home-Sweet-Home and heading to our own comfy bed.  As I wind down today, Peter asked me “So, will you do another one?”    I told him that Running a Marathon is sorta like having a baby.  Right after a woman has given birth is NOT the time to ask a woman if she wants another baby.    She needs time to forget all that it took to have the first one……before she can even begin to anticipate and celebrate another.

I’ve just given birth to my First Marathon….the excitement is OVERWHELMING…..LOL, but the pain and hard work hasn’t faded yet.  It’s simply too soon to think about #2.  I want some time Falling In Love with #1 for a while…..

Blogging about the Marathon experience begins tomorrow.   This is gonna be e.x.c.i.t.i.n.g!!!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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