phases come and phases go

phases come and phases go

Sometimes in life, you go through phases — phases where you are down, and phases where you are kicking @ss!

For me — this metaphor puts it all into perspective.  “Sometimes….you are the lion and sometimes you are the zebra.


Predator?  or Prey?  I’ve spent a few months feeling like the Zebra.  With my weight nipping at my heels like a Lion.  I thought I was working to turn it around.  It certainly was haunting me like a creepy ghost.  And the whole time, my weight was climbing 3 pounds at a time, week after week.  Driving me crazy.  Dragging me down.  Like a Zebra, it was taking me down to my knees and eating my heart out.  D@mn Lion.

But then my WW leader, Denise, said to me with honest compassion in her eyes, and Brooklyn in her voice.  “Just Do It Diane”.


Just Do It Diane.

What she meant was…..Stop Thinking SO Much.  And Just start DOING.  Cuz I get like that.  I get trapped in my head.  Where the Whys…whys….whyyyyyyys……turn so quickly into whining and complaining….and a lot less DOING.

So that’s what I did.  I started DOING.  I planned every meal yesterday, and earned 11 Activity Points through biking and running.  I ended Saturday having eaten exactly my daily recommended allowance of WW points plus values.  No more, no less.  And I went to bed feeling……strong.   with a small “s”….but it was there.  Incubating.

Sunday morning came…and I rinsed and repeated.  Ran 5 miles — felt AWESOME.  Planned all my meals — which included some chicken blueberry sausage we picked up at Whole Foods yesterday.  Oh, it was delicious.  And satisfying.  And totally within my points.  When I wanted a snack, I had cherries — sweet rosy red Ranier cherries.  My strength was growing.  I’m feeling a Capital Letter coming on!!

For two days, I have felt like my actions have been full of the R-O-A-R of a Lion.  No more nipping at my heels.  No way.  I’m feeling SOooo good after just two days….you should imagine me tearing up the tall grass out on the savannah….eyeing those Zebras as I pass them by.  Too full of satisfaction to bother with them….but…knowing I could take them down….if I Wanna!!!

Oh Yea.  Hell Yea!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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