on the front foot

on the front foot



Time and time again — I have to learn to pick myself up, dust myself off, and move forward.    This time, I don’t want to move forward little by little.  I don’t want to drag my back foot behind me.  Nah-ooooo!  I want to run.  I want to come out — On the Front Foot!!

You’ve heard this term before right??  Usually by your boss, or the POTUS or somebody coming out of a downturn (ahem — m.e.) — because being on the front foot — means something.  It’s a determination!

For old times sake…..back to la dictionary!!  (yea, it was really in there! online anyway).

“On the front foot” – 3 definitions, even!

1. get aggressive, take on the challenge
2. take the initiative
3. on the attack

Ohhh K.  Yes, I want to be on the attack.  Attack that butt fat!   I remember a time whan I was running and imagining that I was running my @ss off.  Were did that F.I.R.E. and determination go??  Mmm not sure.  But I remember it.   Therefore I can manufacture it again.  Because it all came from within me.  I was on my front foot before.  So I need to get on that foot again!

Last night before bed, I got out my fragrant, soft, soothing foot cream.  I rubbed and scrubbed and loved on my peds.   Climbed under the covers knowing I was depending on one of them, um…..to be a front foot tomorrow.

This morning, I filled my water bottles (2 of them – half gatorade, half water), grabbed a gel pack — and hit the road.  7.5 miles was on the agenda today.  This was gonna take my front foot, back foot, left foot, right foot, both feet — and my mind!

My mind was on the attack!  I was aggressive.  I was a fighter today.  By the end, I was sweaty, and hungry and …. h.a.p.p.y.  G-d Sastifaction!

Always remember, your front foot is in your mind!   It’s there to kick down the door of your Pity Party.  Toss all your old drunkin’ friends,  (DOUBT, FEAR, LAZINESS) to the curb…. and to get your @ss in gear.  Get your inner fighter back in action.

Just Do It.  Yes Denise, yes ma’am!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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