OK, so there’s real, and then there’s R.E.A.L.

OK, so there’s real, and then there’s R.E.A.L.

and this Marathon just got R.E.A.L.     Waivers were released today!

Uh, what’d ya say?  What’s a Waiver?  Well — I wasn’t sure either.  But I casually read the DIS Marathon Bulletin Board, and it exploded today when waivers were released.  So — I wandered off to the world-wide-web to, um, get mine.  I have one, right?

Yes, I do.  I totally do.  I looked myself up on the site they were sharing out like crack, and b.i.n.g.o. – there I was.  Diane Robertson, 47, Marathon.


At first I wasn’t sure if I was more nervous about the word Marathon, or the 47.  47??  No way!  CUT.  IT.  OUT!  I am firmly 46…..for another , oh, 25 days.  But this epiphany baby is holding onto 46 by her fingertips, with all the strength in super-human fingertips!  So Back It Up, Mickey!

Anyhoo….the Waiver.  It was this dandy piece of paper that I need to bring with me to the Expo to pick up my Bib and Runner’s Packet before race day.  As I started reading it, well..it sums up something like this:

“Diane, you’re about to do something wickedly rigorous, and well…people occasionally die doing it, and well….if…and we’re not saying that this is gonna happen to you……but let’s just say, IF it did…..well, it wouldn’t be Mickey Mouse’s fault in A.N.Y. way, cuz…..you willingly, knowingly, without any pressure from the Disney Corporation, c.h.o.s.e. to do this crazy thing, all by yourself.”

{Okey Dokey, then, Please sign here} ——–> _____________________

Waivers.  They’re Great!

The other cool this on the waiver was my Bib Number.  Yea.  I’m now officially 2013 Disney World Marathon Runner # 9940.


And sooooo R.E.A.L.

I suddenly feel the need to go out and run 6 miles to somewhere.  Nerves can do that to a person.  Chill Diane.  Tomorrow morning will be here soon enough.  And please remember your “get up and go” feelings then, so I don’t have to drag your butt out there!

Ciao for now…….Diane

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