Marathon Training Phase 1: Week 6 Results

Marathon Training Phase 1: Week 6 Results

Six weeks into my Lean and Mean phase of Training, and overall — I’m doing OK.    That’s the judgmental part of me coming out.  Surprise surprise!!

The Meaner part is going really well.  My run yesterday was 2 miles – no walking – and both miles were well below 12 MM.  My first mile was 11:08 my second was 11:23.  I felt awesome.  The whole time, I kept repeating the mantra….”Think like an athlete Diane, Do it, Do It, DO IT!!”  I wore my heart monitor for the first time outside.  My max heart rate was 157.  I don’t really know what that means yet.  It’s just a data point.  But I plan to keep track from here forward to see how my heart reacts to the intensity of my work outs….because its only going up from here.  My interval runs this week were fabulous!  I moved the dial up on my recovery speed.  I’m running 5.2 recovery now, and loving it.

My weight loss is what’s bugging the h#ll out of me.  Last week was spent over-eating AGAIN!  Why Diane, can’t ya just give it a rest!!??   I’m going to do alot of reading and research on eating the right things this week.  Here is what I know.  I need to add some smart point plus friendly snacks into my day.  I’m relying too heavily on fruit, and fruit isn’t keeping me away from high calorie snacking.  I’m also keeping very present with a new mantra which my friend Mike posted on Facebook this week.  He wrote, “It’s a matter of making up your mind to succeed.”


How about that.

So simple, yet so profound!

So Diane, have you made up your mind to succeed?

Yes.  I really have.  So I’ve been on the wagon since Thursday.  That doesn’t mean I have been starving myself.  No, It means I selecting food wisely.  I’m selecting food that satisfies me.  I’m determined not to over eat this week.  I’m taking it one day at a time.   I want the weight roller coaster to S.T.O.P.!!  I don’t mind losing really slowly…I just don’t want the wild swings up and down.  As of this week, I am down 4.8 pounds since I started this phase, which is EXACTLY on target.  .8 pounds a week times 6 weeks = 4.8 pounds!   It’s sad, and frustrating and pisses me off because I was waaaaay ahead of schedule until I gained it all right back last week.  AGAIN!!  But this has to stop.  It’s mentally weakening me.  Making me feel like I am on quick sand instead of terra firma.  It has to stop this week.  But I need to solve the underlying problem…which I believe is in the food selection.  Once I get the food selection right, I’m hoping the food volume will fix itself.  But if it doesn’t, I will be right there to catch myself!!

We’ll see!  Next post — an update on Operation No iPod!  I have so much to tell ya!

Ciao for now…Diane

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