Learning to rest in California

Learning to rest in California

Peter, the girls and I flew into San Diego from Newark, NJ.  My mom and my sister Debra flew in from their home in Orlando, Fl.  We had two weeks ahead of us — fun, sun, sights and relaxation.   To say we had a plan is about 50% accurate.  We had a schedule to move from San Diego north to LA, and Anaheim, and then on to Santa Barbara…..but what we did, and how long we took to do it…well…that was up to fate and enjoyment.

We’d never been to San Diego before — but right away we fell in love with the city, the harbor and the beach.   The weather was very very warm.  Our first few days in California, the temperature topped 100 degrees.  All those promises I had made to my mom about the nice cool mornings and evenings…well….right out the window!  Cali was experiencing a freak warm spell…so.   LOTS and LOTS of sun.

Our plans to visit the San Diego zoo were scrapped.  It seems my 15-year-old daughter Erin has developed VERY strong views about animals in captivity.  I can’t say I blame her.  I’ve had some zoo experiences in my life that have tugged at the heart-strings.  And seeing the movie “The Cove” has changed us and we’ll never spend another cent at SeaWorld or Marine land again.

So instead we spent time at the beach all the way up the coast – places like Dana Point and Laguna Beach.  The water was C-O-L-D!  WOW.  Not what we expected.  But the sun was wonderful, and the sand felt great.  Just what I needed to recharge the batteries.  Some land time was spent at San Juan Capistrano.  That was a terrific day also.

Continuing to move north to Anaheim, and Disneyland.  We stayed at Disney’s Grand Californian hotel  This was home base for the rest of the trip.  We spent some days in the parks, then went off for day trips to Malibu, Santa Monica, and the Reagan Library in Simi Valley.  We did some beautiful scenic drives up and down Pacific Hwy 1, and also a day tri to Santa Barbara.  It was lovely.  California is such a different landscape than NJ and Florida.   The desert scapes, and canyons are barren and almost mars looking at first.  But when you spend some time with them, you begin to see the beauty.

I only did 1 run while I was in Cali.  But I did a ton of walking, swimming, and some hiking.  I ate like a whale.  Came back up 2 pounds, but I consider that a success.  While I was away, I exchanged emails with Marathon Brian — I was feeling anxiety AGAIN that I was avoiding my running routine.  His advice to me was profound…and perfectly timed.  I’d been beating myself up about not running for a few weeks. Marathon Brian said to me…., “Diane, when you rest…let yourself rest. But when you work….get to work and take no prisoners.”

Man Oh Man!  That is S.O.  T.R.U.E!

Here I was on vacation…and I wasn’t letting myself fully enjoy it.  I was winding myself up, twisting myself into knots, worrying.  Worrying about what I wasn’t doing.    When I rest….I need to LET myself rest.   I think what I was really worrying about was that when the time to train came…that I wouldn’t be able to DO IT.    Marathon Brian said something about that too.  He reminded me — that I have  fierce work ethic.  That I’ve mentally not liked this “off-season” period when I wasn’t “working”.    He told me I was physically capable of the training, and that…the time to Start was Coming.  and  Soon!

Well. I’m home now.  I’ve had the weekend to do laundry and get myself situated.  Tomorrow I go back to work.  In a number of ways.  Tomorrow I go back to my job — the one that pays the bills.  And tomorrow I start my training.  I get back to work.  and I am so excited!!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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