Juicy valentines day coming!!

Juicy valentines day coming!!

Quick peek at the calendar….. Valentine’s Day is coming.   And I’m cooking up somethin’ J.u.i.c.y!

My husband is very good.  He does me proud on Valentine’s Day.  Actually, he’s a giver in general — so I often get surprised with tulips, or daffodils, or pussy-willows…..all of my favorites in February.  Anything and everything to take my mind off the slush puddles in the parking lot!  A Valentine’s Day Pick-me-up.  Well…..I’ve had another idea bouncing around in my head for a while.  I want to do a juice cleanse!!

So…..Happy Valentine’s Day to me!!


O.M.G Diane.  Get real.  On the day when the world is rolling their bodies around in chocolate — you are going to stop eating, and drink juice???  Yup.  Yup.  Yup.  I am.

I went hunting for a way to hit the re-start button — and a juice cleanse was an idea that many many people found very helpful.  It seems that during those 3 to 5 days when you are cleaning out your body of toxins, sugar, salts, and worse…..you are also cleaning out your mind….(um, er….and your colon!)  BING!

So over the next three days,  I will be getting myself ready for my cleanse.  Begin to wean my body off the things that have been poisoning my mind, body, and spirit over the last 3 weeks…..and prepare to burst out of my chrysalis!  It starts Friday!

Look out……One J.U.I.C.Y. Butterfly is on the way!

Ciao for now……Diane

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