it’s ma birthday…’s ma birthday…

it’s ma birthday…’s ma birthday…

Yes, it’s true….I’m an Epiphany baby.  There’s something Wonderful about sharing my birthday with Three Kings Day.  It’s always been special, and in some funny way, it makes me feel special today.  I think everyone should feel that way on their birthday.   It also means the Christmas Tree has always stayed up in our house until January 6th — marking the end of the Christmas Season.  I LOVE that part.  

People who know me well, know that “the Christmas Tree” is my happy thought.  Come on, you know what a happy thought is, right?  You know, when you are a kid and you wake up in the middle of the night after having had a nightmare……you can’t close your eyes unless you focus on your happy thought.  That image you focus on sooo tightly as you close your eyes, so the nightmare can’t sneak back in.  Yup — a gorgeous twinkling Christmas Tree is my happy thought, and has been since I was a very little girl, since I can remember, well….anything really.  So, every year of my life, as a kid and as an adult — that gorgeous Douglas Fir or Spruce tree would stand in our living room, perhaps all dry and sharp to the touch — but it was staying up (darn it) until my birthday.  Happy Thought!   Is there a downside to having an Epiphany Birthday?  Well, my birthday present is always wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper, ….but…..if that’s all there is to complain about, then life is good.

And LIFE is So So Good.  I turned 46 years old today at 5:05am, and while that number sounds reeeeaaaallly high, and toooo far from 40 — I’m going to accept it, appreciate it, and embrace it.  And that is going to be super easy to do BECAUSE…..I Feel So Good at 46.  Yea, I’m down 65 pounds and I’m running 13-15 miles a week.  My jeans are loose again, and I can run up the stairs in my home carrying a full laundry basket.  So if THAT’S not The Good Life…then I don’t know what is.

I want to thank all of you — my family and friends — for the phone calls today, and the charming birthday wishes (both in-person and on FB).  You have all really made me feel remembered, appreciated, and loved today.    Wanna know the most amazing realization I just had?   I haven’t been hungry much At ALL today — and that’s because you have all filled me up today in ways that food could never replace.

My Love and thanks…….Ciao for now

The Birthday girl

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