I’m walking myself to a habit….of living

I’m walking myself to a habit….of living

It’s been a week and I’m still walking every night – walking until my fitbit sings my praises.  <Blinkity blink, buzzy buzzer, huffity-puffity…you made your goal….you’re not a loser today!!> . Yea, I know, sorry that I sound kinda pessimistic there.  I don’t really feel that way….but I’m at that beginning phase of something new….where it feels like w.o.r.k. every second of every step.  But hey, when you invest in one of those step counters, one of those activity trackers, one of those “monkey on your back” devices that sits on your wrist or hangs from your bra strap — the PRESSURE GOES UP ….every day….e.v.e.r.y. d.a.y.  to achieve that goal.  And…hey ….  That’s a lot of days.

So, for me —  its been 7 days.  I’d like to say I’m in the habit of walking….but…I remember hearing that it takes 21 days or something for a new behavior to become a habit.   Heck — what is a habit anyway?  I mean, I KNOW I have a habit of brushing my teeth 3X every day, or when someone sneezes…I say “God Bless You”.  Are those my habits??

Well – I let’s go back to one of my REAL habits (LOL, or maybe that’s one of my quirks….) — either way— let’s go to the dictionary!….

A Habit – is defined as “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.”

Ohhh snap.  Hold on.  Honest, deep down truth time — I could give up this walking right now.  This very second.  So….Not a habit.  Not even close. so, ….I need to stick with it for 14, …er, or 15, or….100 more days before walking becomes a habit.  But that’s okay.  I have time.  I’m hoping to walk myself into the habit of living longer.  That’s a tendency that I find hard to give up.  For Sure.  🙂

Keep walking friends…keep living well.

Ciao for now….Diane

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  1. Go Dian Way to go Diane!! I always love your posts. I am still using intermittent fasting and staying very, very mindful of staying low carb and low sugar And not eating anything low-fat. And honestly for the first time in my life it is not feeling so difficult to lose the weight. I have released just around 60 pounds since May.

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