I Dumbo Double Dare Ya!!

I Dumbo Double Dare Ya!!

There’s a 10K on Saturday August 31st, and a Half Marathon on Sunday Sept 1st.  And if you run both — Disneyland style — it’s called the Dumbo Double Dare!  I have a/l/w/a/y/s been a sucker for adorable, over-sized floppy ears.  So, I’m in!  Ohhh, I’m sooo in!


Erin and I will run the 10 K together on Saturday — then I will do the Half Marathon on my own on Sunday.

The first 6 miles are for my heart.  For Erin.  The next 13.1 miles are for my body.  My P.U.S.H. to get myself back to a regular routine of running, health, fitness and sensible eating.  No heroics this time.  This is not a Marathon.  This is fun, and family….and a medal for my Erin!  And I get a front row seat in the middle of the circus called the Finish Line.  Watching her come over it……is going to feel MORE amazing than crossing my own Marathon FInish Line.

Can’t wait!   Gotto go.  It’s Time To Run!

Ciao for now….Diane

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