Halloween 1 ; Diane 1.6

Halloween 1 ; Diane 1.6

Ok, so The Season of Eating has begun and on Saturday Meeting/Weigh in Day at Weight Watchers, Halloween won! ¬†ūüôĀ

Bummer. ¬†I stepped on the scale knowing that those Butterfingers did me in. ¬†Judy asked me to stand up straight (it makes a difference!!) ¬†and yet I knew I had a gain. ¬†When I say I knew, I mean I could feel it , but more importantly, I deserved it. ¬†As a side comment, I gave up weighing myself on our home scale about a month ago. ¬†I only weigh in at the WW meeting on Saturday. ¬†I was reluctant to do this but my leader Denise said that the only time she ever made goal was during a time when she didn’t have a scale in her home. ¬†I let this thought sit with me for a few weeks, and I had to finally admit that the only reason I was weighing myself at home was to see if I was “getting away with” my secret eating, with my over-eating. ¬†Once I admitted that to myself, and chose to OWN it — it was easy to put the scale in the linen closet, and just DO the program. ¬†LOL, don’t get me wrong — It’s S-C-A-R-Y getting on the scale on Saturday morning not knowing what it’s going to say. ¬†But the first three weeks I did this, I lost weight every week. ¬†Trust the program and just do it. ¬†Again, another simple, logical piece of advice from good ole Weight Watchers, but it’s hard and it takes time to come to terms with. ¬†That’s OK, just keep at it. ¬†The puzzle pieces come together in your own time, no body else’s.

So back to the scale. ¬†Yes, I knew I gained. ¬†I was actually relieved it was only +1.6 pounds. ¬†Then the meeting starts and Denise’s topic is about “What You Expect on the Scale” and how you react to it. ¬†Perfect. ¬†She really DOES have secret cameras in our houses. ¬†HaHa…. nah, she is just very intuitive. ¬†One of the things that makes Denise the super-awesome leader she is — is her ability to adjust herself, her topic, her PLAN to the mood in the room. ¬†She is a people-reader, and a darn good one. ¬†She can feel the “vibe” in the meeting room and she goes with it. ¬†This week, the discussion focussed our thoughts on how one reacts to the feedback of the scale and how not to give the scale too much power. ¬†Loved this week, even with my gain! ¬†The lesson was an important one, especially with The Eating Season ahead of me.

Just so you know, I’m not going to share any thoughts or comments made by any people in the WW meeting. ¬†We joke often about “What Happens in Weight Watchers, Stays in Weight Watchers”…but in fact, it’s a golden rule which should never be broken. ¬†And I’m not gonna do it. ¬†I’m acutely aware that my typing is going out into the “big ole world”, but that’s my choice. ¬†I’m not going to make someone else’s choice to share their journey for them. ¬†Cool? ¬†cool. ¬†I will from time to time share Denise’s pearls of wisdom , mainly because I asked her today if I could!! ¬†LOL, but also because she has been and continues to be one of the most positive forces on the upward direction of my life right now. ¬†There are others, which I will talk about in future posts — but on Saturday, at 8am — I’m with Denise and her secret camera into my heart, mind and soul. ¬†I think she is a big part of my learning to Believe in my New Self. ¬†And for that I am forever grateful.

So, I’ll end this with Thank You Denise — With Love and Great Respect!

Ciao for now…Diane

ps — Halloween won this round, but I am soooo going to win Thanksgiving!!

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