grapes and cherries, cherries and grapes

grapes and cherries, cherries and grapes

Work events, big dinners with collegues….too many food bonanzas this week.  This is what gets sooo easily out of control….and wrecks my week.  Wrecks two weeks.  Because now I know that scale is going up big time this week,’s going to take two weeks or more to lose it.  UGH!

UGH! I’m mentally fighting off the exhaustion, the frustration, the disgust that comes along with this vicious cycle.  I’m trying to explain to myself that the reason I’m making such a mountain out of this mole-hill……is because in my “weight watcher’s fantasy”, my story ends like this, “.….and she reached goal, got a lifetime key, and lived happily ever after with no more food problems at all!! ”    Whoo Hoo…break out the cupcakes!

Relax Diane.  You had a bad week.  It crept up on you again.  And you missed the signs.  Learn from that.  Get better preventing it.  Figure that out.  Beyond that….Get Off Your Back, Diane.  Chill Out.  The scale on Saturday is not your Judge and Jury.  It’s just a data point.  What you really need is to Learn how to see the signs better, and to create a strategy of what to do better.

I’ve been bagging up grapes and freezing them.  I’ve been enjoying cherries all summer.  I Love them.  These two fruits are like my secret weapons right now.  When I “need” to eat….when I feel somewhat compulsive to eat….I grab a bag of frozen grapes, or a cup of cherries….and it helps take the edge off.  Keeps me from binging on something else.  I’m Trying, Working, Hoping to come to a time when these compulsive feelings go away.  I haven’t gotten there yet.  I worry a little that I will always feel somewhat compulsive around food.  That scares me some.  But I’m not going to get crazy about it.  I’m just going to deal with it one day at a time.  And learn how to help myself succeed and deal with life…and stress….and food.     The whole mixed-up ball of wax.

Ciao for now……Diane

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