My Gentleness project

My Gentleness project

Sometimes, a friend comes along…at just the right time….and says just the right thing!forgiveness


after work today, my friend Joan and I did a glorious walk around the Harbor here in Baltimore.   It was about 630p, but the sun was still shining on our faces, and the  weather was just s.i.n.g.i.n.g. Spring!!

We walked, we talked, we laughed.  She reminded me to climb off my own back, and then the magic words came.

When I blurted out my words of disappointment, in myself, in my weight gain….she said..exactly what I needed.  You did it before….you will get there again.

it was like a re calibration of my mind.

im back in my hotel room, eating the dinner Peter cooked and packed for me before I left home on Tuesday morning.   I’m loved.  I’m happy.  I’m stronger than I feel right now.  But, it’s ok.  I’ll get back there.

Through gentleness.  Gentleness with myself.

Ciao for now…..Diane


About Diane

Ciao! My name is Diane. I'm a wife, a mom, a working professional, and a Weight Watcher from New Jersey. I started blogging in 2011, at 45 years old, when I was training for my first Half Marathon at Rutgers on April 22, 2012. Since then, I've lost 80 pounds, completed my Half Marathon goal and gone on to train for and run my very first Full Marathon. On Jan 13, 2013, I ran the Disney Marathon in Orlando, Fl! What an incredible day. As the saying goes -- "The person who starts the race is not the same person who finishes the race." I am forever changed! So now we move on to the next phase of this journey! Come along. We're in this together!! Ciao for now!

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