Disney Marathon — pushing to the Finish!

Disney Marathon — pushing to the Finish!

Pushing to the Finish Line was an Out-Of-Body experience.  My body was a mess of lead and bricks.  My mind was made of steel, and it had a purpose, and it was NOT taking NO for an answer.  Mental Strength WON the DAY!pushself

Like gazelle running from the lions — the entire herd was picking up speed.  We could S.E.E. the Finish Line.  OMG.  OMG.  THERE IT IS!  OMG!  It’s NOT AN ILLUSION.  IT’S REALLY THERE!  RUN.  RUN, Gazelles, RUN!  Just then a group of people, obviously together, decided to stop and block the path.  Oh sheesh.  So-o-o-o,  if you have been to Disney World, just on a normal day, you know a few things are 100% guaranteed.

#1) Your butter, waffles, toast, (anything really) that they can force into the shape of a Mickey head — WILL be shaped like a Mickey head.

#2) At some point during your stay – you WILL be run over by a stroller.  It might contain a baby, it might contain a 12-year-old kid, but….that’s another discussion.  Kid’s don’t walk anymore, it seems.


#3) While you are walking, purposefully, to a ride, or dinner, or anywhere really — the people in front of you (who are walking purposefully too) will just STOP and stand there.  and talk.  or text.  or pull out a map.  right there….in the middle of the walkway.  Pull over to the side?  But why?  It’s all about US here.  This is OUR magical vacation.  Yea — for some reason — maybe it’s becase they had to spend a fortune on their room , and sell a kidney to eat at Chef Mickey — but for whatever reason — the pixie dust they spread around WDW convinces people that THEY are the ONLY people who matter.

And…. so it happened…. right there, just feet from the Finish Line.   People stopping, and standing around, and WTF???  I’m grateful to the man in front of me, he called out “DON’T STOP NOW!!!”   So I added, “Yea..don’t stop now!!!”  I mean, Come On People.  Nobody, and I mean N.O.body walks over the Finish Line.  It’s just Not Done. So the group moved aside, and all of us runners took off — heading to the Finish Line — Full of More Excitement and Joy than we knew what to do with.

My husband tells me that some people cross the Finish Line looking “Pained”, but I cross the Finish Line with the biggest smile in the world across my face.   Truth be told — the pain is there.  Oh, it’s in there.  It’s part of the moment too — but maybe it’s my positive attitude or my general outlook on life….but there will be plenty of time to cater to my sore knees, and my foot, and my toe, and all the other spots.  But THIS moment….THIS moment right here …..it’s JOY RISING!  There’s no room for anything else.  Not an inch.  Stuff it!  And C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E!!!

And so here I am….sweaty, sore, and hot, but taking in the utter sweetness of the moment.  No need for lights in the park tonight — my smile will light up the place!

Since I saw Mom and Debbie in EPCOT, they weren’t at the Finish Line, which was a zoo!  It was better for All of Us, that it played out that way.  It was too hot out there for my Mom to be standing around waiting for me.  Here is a picture of Caitlin, Erin, Peter and me from the Finish Line.  You see everybody dressed in the  “Team Diane” shirts that my brother Don and his wife Karen made for us.  The “greatness” of this experience just keeps growing and growing.

Such an Amazing, Happy Moment in My Life!

So what happens next?  Well — during part of the race, I ran behind a man who’s T-shirt read —  “Run Hard, Eat O’Hana!!”  By George — I think that man was on to something!  It’s Party Time!!  Ice Bath first — Dinner next!!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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