Disney Marathon – Bring on the Animals!

Disney Marathon – Bring on the Animals!

The halfway mark was just past Animal Kingdom.  13.1 miles before the sun comes up.  Lions, tigers and bears…you’d better watch out for ME!  I’m F.I.E.R.C.E. (in case you haven’t heard…tee hee hee).

By 9am, it was already in the 70s.  The sun was bright and hot.  If I were lounging by the pool, you would not hear a peep out of me.  Not a peep.  But since I was doing the hardest work of my life…let me dish it out just for a minute.  Ok?

God almighty, it was Hot!  I was so slick from over-application of BodyGlide, it’s a wonder my skirt didn’t just slide right off.  I was really worried about chaffing.  After the Magic Kingdom, they ran us around the car race track.  It was kinda neat.  They had all these classic cars and their owners lined up around the track.  they’d take your picture with the cars, or just cheer you on.  It was special, and fun, and fast.  Highly enjoyable.  But by the time I was done there, and ran myself over and swung through the Animal Kingdom, I was glistening with sweat.  I had my BodyGlide stuffed in a pouch in the front of my fuel/water belt.  Every now and then, I’d whip it out and apply another coat.  You can’t be too slippery, is what I always say.  Ok, I don’t always say that, but on this day…it seemed right.  So I spent the day going with my gut!  Until I stopped for a potty break, that is.  Jumping in and out of one of those is no fun.  Try doing it in a running skirt, with a fuel belt, and well…..let’s just say…that was the end of my BodyGlide.  I heard it drop into the black hole, and after a few choice expletives….I was on my own.  No more BodyGlide.  I was going to have to be slippery enough!

Did I tell you about the cast of characters running this thing?  Oh, no?  Well…lets talk about them.  Look, most of the runners were regular folk.  Many, many…we’re gazelle.  I saw them at the Starting Party…and then…well, I think they were drinking halfway around the International Gateway by the time I came across the finish line.  It ‘s ok.  I’m not mad they didn’t wait for me.  Gazelle get thirsty.

I was a middle of the pack runner.  Not a gazelle.  But not the back of the pack either.  This means my running companions were a combination of other fighters, like me…and, well….the costumed ones!  Ohhhh yes.  These folks ran the gamet…from the excited young women in their Sparkle skirts and Minnie ears…to the Japanese girls dressed like Tigger and Pumba (complete with totally believable face makeup) to the guy dressed like full on Peter Pan, from the feather in his cap, all the way down to the  green tights….and the curled pan-like shoes.  He came complete with an equally full on Tinkerbell sidekick.  They ran together.  Stopped at all the character photo stops.  Crisscrossing paths with the girl dressed as Elasta-girl from the Incredibles!  LoL, I can’t make this stuff up.

There I am…..running and panting, and sweating and drinking, and fighting and…well, you get it…..and there’s Tink,  flouncing around asking people if they want some pixie dust.  I almost said Yes, because I was sure it would come on a mirror with a razor blade and a straw.  C.r.a.z.y!!!

When I get inside the Animal Kingdom, we’re following a very organized path.  Cones, cast members with light sabers directing us up the 26.2 mile parade route!  Until I find myself near Expedition Everest, and then there’s a choice.  A choice?  Um, 2 different ways to go?  It dawns on me that the nice man in safari gear is offering me the entrance to the ride.  WTF?!

Yup.  There go Tink and Pan.  Heading into the entrance to Expedition Everest.  They’re riding the ride.  IN THE MIDDLE OF A MARATHON!  Well.  I took a pass and kept going. I still had 14 miles ahead of me.  While I wanted to be jolly, and pixie, and bouncy flouncy fun fun fun fun fun….the wonderful thing about Diane is….I wanted to finish the run!!!

LoL, I wasn’t ready to flip around and roll around backwards, escaping from the Yeti.  Today’s mission was less sexy, and well…I didn’t want to risk 18 weeks of training, to ride a ride I’d ridden a dozen times before.

Onward and forward.  I’d seen enough of the animals…time to say farewell to the Animal Kingdom, and start making my way to the Wide World of Sports.  This next section was what I worried would be a boring 6 miles.  Time to get mentally tough.  The second half is not for the faint of heart.

In a Marathon, heart takes over when your legs give out!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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