Disney Marathon 2013 Stats

Disney Marathon 2013 Stats

For those of you, like me, who are all into numbers —  here is how the race played out stats-wise.

Approximately 25,000 runner were registered to run the 2013 Disney Marathon.

Of those, 20,680 runners Finished.    10,061 men and 10,619 women.  I placed 16,088 out of the total 20,680.  I placed 7646 out of the 10,619 women.  And I placed 846 out of the 1192 people in my age group.

Place Name Bib Age Div Place Gender Place 5 Mile Split 10 Mile Split Half Split 20 Mile Split Clock Time Net Time
16088 DIANE ROBERTSON 9940 47 846 7646 1:05:05 2:09:35 2:52:57 4:44:14 7:07:37 6:30:29

Overall I’m very happy with my first Marathon experience.    I giggle inside, because it’s only been a week, and I’m feeling like I want to do better next time.  LOL, next time!  I guess there’s going to be a next time.   Ohhhhh b-oy!

Part of me wants to put my fist in the air and curse the Weather Gods for the heat this year.  But you know what?  I’ve always feared heat, and hot weather, and running….in it.   Even when I run here in New Jersey — which can feel like “little Florida” in July and August.  So, maybe this was a blessing in disguise.  As Marathon Brian always said….”the more Wins you can get against things you fear….the stronger you run”.  So….I got a Win this year, that I wasn’t even looking to get.  Cool!

So let’s get together tomorrow, and talk Disneyland.  Oh yea…..my daughter Erin and I are on a mission together!  It’s gonna be great!

Ciao for now…….”Marathon” Diane     <couldn’t resist, just this once>  🙂

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