Day 2 Cleanse – reflections…

Day 2 Cleanse – reflections…

An experiment.     Spend an hour watching TV on any given Saturday…..and count how many commercials are food related.  Trust me.  It’s ALOT!


And it feels like even more…..when you are not eating.    My juicing is about every 2-3 hours through out the day.  My stomach has the timing down, because right around the 3 hour mark, the growling begins.  Oh and my thoughts are tied up with dreams of rosemary roasted sweet potato.  Hey!  I’m not even salivating over chips or pizza.  Isn’t that change?  Ohh, I think so!  Craving sweet-potato, that’s c.h.a.n.g.e!  Dont care what anybody says.

And these commercials really don’t bother me.  Pizza Hut and Papa John….I’m sorry to say, you have lost me for good.  Your pizza looks greasy and just awful.  And when you load up the crust by stuffing even MORE cheese into it — its gross.  Just gross.  Hola Taco Bell… too….adios.   I don’t want your greasy tacoburritochimichangacrucnchygordita love.  Yea, keep the cute dog, and the fiesta music.  You make my face break out, and I don’t want it anymore.  Then there’s the FakeFiberLookingBrownie commercials…Come ON!  Is anybody really supposed to believe they are a h.e.a.l.t.h. f.o.o.d. option??  They are BrOwNIeS!!!   I fell asleep last night watching the PSA about the guy eating the sugar packets……helping us understand just how much sugar we eat by drinking a soda, or a sweet drink.  That one I LOVED.  I’d given up soda (the diet variety) a while back…..and…..I don’t miss it.  Not much at all.  Mmmm, every now I crave a Diet Cream Soda.  So…I’m human.

Isn’t it funny how rarely we see an Ad for oranges – I mean unless someone is squeezing them into juice.  Or Milk, unless someone had turned it pink or chocolate.  A salad commercial??  Not unless its McDonald’s or Burger King.  For real….THEY are NOT who I think of when I’m looking for a healthy salad option.  But alas…..I’m doubting many of us will jump outta bed at midnight, and run out to get a salad!  They KNOW the KFC and DunkinDonuts will get you out of your pajamas!  Don’t fall for it!  Steel yourself.

So, Day 2 of the cleanse….I miss eating.  I do.  Not enough to quit!  No Way Jose!  No Quitting.  E.V.E.R!!!!

Yet when I think of eating, my mind is choosing much much better options than I would have thought.  I’m NOT looking to burgers or chips, or cake or ice cream.    I’m looking forward to an omelet, and oatmeal, an apple, and some roasted rosemary sweet-potatoes.    Yeah Baby!  That’s the restart I was looking for.  This is paying off.

Saturday morning I went to Weight Watchers, and the week prepping for this cleanse did me alot of good in the weight department.  I’m down 4.8 pounds — which is amazing.  I’m back under 200 pounds again — 199.4!!!  OK, I can deal with that!    And you would think those pounds came right off of my spirit — because I’m NOT beating myself up anymore.  I feel S.T.R.O.N.G.E.R.

Love That.  Because it’s that positive momentum that I need.  Positive brings more positive.  So….the Re-Start Button is pushed.  I’m feeling the change I needed.  It’s been positive so far.  I can deal with the cravings and the missing food.  It’s just a few days.  Looking back, the preparation was critical!  Those 3 days I spent prepping were fundamental.  I had a massive headache the first 2 prep days.  I’m  thinking t was the coffee, the caffeine, the sugar, the salt.  All that stuff that we don’t think about – in terms of its effect on our body.  Until its gone.  I was amazed.  Something….something that I was eating was meaningfully changing my brain.  Because when I took it away.  BOY, did my brain complain.

DeTox.  Food DeTox.  That’s what this is!

Ciao for now…..Diane


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