Choo choo…

Choo choo…

I’m on the Acela train, coming home from two long days of work in Baltimore.

acela  Turning to FaceBook only brings mention of the Boston Marathon bombing.   Pain.  Suffering.  Death too soon for 3.  A race and THAT defining moment stolen from 9000 people.  Suffering and loss of so much, for so many.  My current book….Game of Thrones…..ugh….I’m too tired to concentrate THAT hard.

All I want to think about is how good my family’s voices will sound in my ears….and how soft my bed will feel tonight.  Some nights……..Home is the only thing that will do.

Tonight is such a night.  Hurry home choo choo train.  Blow the whistle and get rolling down the tracks.

Home sweet house…..(ahhh, someday I must blog about the King and I)!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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