Can’t ya just see it?

Can’t ya just see it?

Do you ever use the technique of “visualization” to help propel yourself through something challenging?  Oh I do.  While I’m running on Sunday, I use a.l.l. those miles to create my perfect marathon dream scenario.  Come on, I’ll show you.

In its simplest form, Visualization is the technique of creating a mental image of something you want.  Using the best of your creativity to draw the picture of the outcome you want — but in 3D Technicolor splendor!!  If you get into it — I mean REALLY get into it — your visualization should effect you emotionally.  You should be able to see it, taste it, smell it, FEEL it.  Whatever the IT (outcome you want) — is.  But I think to get the most benefit out of visualization, you have to really WANT what you are after.  You have to be all-in, committed 110%.  Because only then — will you allow your creative imagination and you feelings to be free to wonder……and wander into the place where you use the best of yourself to create the Best Outcome.

So why would you want to do this…crazy visualization thing Diane?

Why?  Ahhh.  Well, that’s the glorious part.  Visualization is VERY powerful.  Very motivating.  Visualization can take you out of your present and propel you to your future.  Uh, yea.  Go back and read that again.  Visualization can take you out of your present and propel you to your future.

What the heck does that mean Diane??

I suppose the difference between visualization and crazy….is that you can turn visualization On and Off.  LOL  It’s a conscious act.  A deliberate act.  An intention use of your brain power.  So just ask yourself, are you using your brain for Good?  or Evil?   Are you visualizing yourself as a Fat person for the rest of your life?  Hey — I’m just putting it out there.  if you let your sad emotions drag you there, your powerful brain will go there and help create the world where that’s true.  SO DON’T GO THERE!

Instead, let your “dreamer” emotions wander and maybe you will trip over the future YOU that lives in your heart.  Future salsa dancer, skydiver, bike rider, or…marathoner.  <Bing, yea…I tripped over mine quite by accident, I assure you>.  It started with a small idea.  I got up off the couch, and before I even took my first run — I started calling myself a Runner.  The visual image of Me, Diane, life-long Couch Potato — being a Runner —- well, it pulled me forward — into my future.  POWERFUL!  Your powerful brain is just waiting, hungrily, to sink its teeth into something new.  A new idea.  A new Belief.  Feed it!  Feed it something Bold.  Feed it something Big.  Feed it something Positive.  It will get busy working For you, rather than against you.  I promise.

So, on my refrigerator door is a map.  LOL, yea, yea — it’s a treasure map of sorts.  What it really is — is the course for the 2013 Walt Disney Marathon.  All 26.2 miles of it.  To my imaginative eye — it kinda looks like the dragon Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.  LOL.  (Don’t ask what I see in clouds….I have a Dreamer Brain!)  So on this map, it portrays each of the 26.2 miles across the 4 parks, with mile markers in circles.

In my mind, I run that course — imagining myself getting through it.  Mostly, on Sundays.  Because Sundays are the days I run the long run — so I can see how much fuel is in my tank.   Yesterday was 13 miles.  It was great!  I ran the first 5 miles — full running, no walking.  As I consult my map — that would take me from the Race starting Line in the Epcot Imagination Parking Lot – down Epcot Drive, and onto World Drive heading like a bee line to the Magic Kingdom.  What’s really great about that is — the chances of me stopping and walking before Cinderella’s Castle are very low!  I know that already.  I want that Castle.  I want to run through that Castle, say hello to my daddy, and come through feeling sooo accomplished and strong.  Cindy’s castle is going to be VERY motivating for me.  It’s a visualization that has tremendous emotion woven into it.  My heart is invested in it.  It’s going to carry me.  I KNOW this already.  My powerful brain is working FOR me through mile 6 where I exit the Magic Kingdom.

What was cool about my 13 mile run this Sunday is this — the map says I enter the Animal Kingdom at mile 12.  WooHoo!!  By mile 13, I will be inside the Animal Kingdom, following the paw prints embedded in the walkways inside that park – following them like a path to success.  I will be looking for those paw prints when I’m there.  They will carry me forward,.  How do I know?  Because that’s how I visualize it in my head while I am on Old Stage Road in New Jersey.  I’m emotionally invested in it.  So THAT makes it MUCH MUCH MORE likely to happen.  It’s just true.  Believe it.  Period.

So that’s as far as I got on Sunday.  Inside the Animal Kingdom.  I try not to look too far ahead on the map until its time to run another long run that propels me forward.  But this technique is fun.  It actually makes me look FORWARD to running longer and longer miles  Say WHAT?  I know!  It’s crazy.  And yet its exciting too.  I’m learning how to teach my mind to stop worrying and to keep dreaming.  It’s also helping me feel less heavy on my feet.

The simple truth it — you run faster when you have your dreamer wings on.

Hollywood Studios is just ahead.  There’s Mickey’s Fantasia Sorcerer’s hat………Can’t ya just see it??

Ciao for now…….Diane

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