Brand new….again….and a gift to boot!

Brand new….again….and a gift to boot!

First and foremost, Happy New Year friends!

2012 snuck in on us last night, and here we are with a brand spanking new year in front of us, waiting like a blank canvas for us to draw on it.  How often are you given the gift of a fresh start?  A do-over?  A chance to be brand new – AGAIN??!!  My friend Lina’s sister had brand new baby twins just a handful of weeks ago.  A little baby boy and a baby girl.  Oh my goodness, are they small.  Teeny, tiny, and perfect.  All little fingers and toes exactly where they belong, heartbeats a flutter, little smiles with closed eyes as they sleep.   Perfect.  The world and their lives are ALL in front of them.  Their lives are brand new — what will they do with them?  Isn’t it a wonder to think such thoughts when you see those brand new babies??

Well — what about US?  Oh, don’t give me that We’re Old (er).   Our choices have already been made.  Our lives are set.  Our paths are chosen.   Well — all this is somewhat true.  We’re not brand new babies, all pink rose-petal skin and baby powder smell —- BUT every year, at least once on New Years Day, we have a chance to sit, and imagine a new picture for ourselves — a new image for our lives that perhaps Maximizes one aspect we have always dreamed to be true.

So my advice to you this New Year’s Day is — spend today imagining something small and WONDERFUL for yourself for 2012.  Something achievable and something you can work on little by little each day, and move yourself closer to this picture.  It might be learning to play the piano, finally writing that book, learning to knit, taking up painting, attempting salsa dancing…….running a half marathon, (I’m just sayin’!)

What will you make of 2012?  Take this year into your own hands and make it your own!

I will leave you with one other gift I received from Denise at Weight Watchers yesterday — one that was just too good to keep all for myself.    At one point in our meeting, she got a little quiet, and you could see her compassion and good wishes welling up inside of her.  She said this to our typically rowdy bunch  —– “if I could give you all one gift this New Year, it would be that you all be a little Kinder to yourselves.”      Kindness, for ourselves.  Imagine it.  All the best thoughts and wishes, compassion and kindness — all rolled up in a ball and pointed straight at you.   It quieted the room.  I think we were all soaking it in. Receiving her gift, packing it tightly in our pockets, in our purses.  Securing it safely in our hearts, because this is one gift that always fits, that you will never need to exchange, and it’s always the right size, no matter if you are trending Up or Down.

Kindness, for yourself, from yourself.  Receive it, and Regift it!!

Ciao for now……..Diane

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