Be Stubborn!

Be Stubborn!

Running Yoda says, “Walk, Not!”       Diane says, “I know, I know!”Friday’s 4 miles was a stumble.  Not a fall!  Just a stumble.  At 1.14 miles in, I gave into the feeling — and began to walk.  D@mn.  My run started later than usual, the sun was up.  I started out too fast too early on.  I know this because I checked my watch….ALOT.  [Two bad signs].  See, my progress from the days before are not yet a habit.  A little confidence can sometimes be a bad thing.  Gotta look back to Weds and Thurs, and use what was great about those days.  First thing I know is — Darkness is good.  Darkness creates a running cocoon, where running by feel is all you’ve got. No watch.  Can’t really see it, unless I hit the little button.   On Friday, I walked for .65 miles.  Then I made up for it and ran the rest.  My time was about the same as the day before.  Which tells me, that I’m a fast walker.  But walking is NOT the goal.  Walk, Not!  I know, Running Yoda, I know.  I will do better.

Have short-term memory.  Forget it.  Move on.  Go out there on Sunday, and Be Stubborn“.  That was Marathon Brian’s email to me on Friday afternoon.

Be Stubborn.  This was a funny thing for him to say.  God knows I can be stubborn.  It’s not my most enviable quality.  But I am a Capricorn, so Hey.  I suppose I never looked at it as a trait that could help me.  Did I have the wrong belief about what being stubborn means?  Well, ya know what we gotta do, right?

Where is that dusty old dictionary??

Stubborn:  Having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, esp. in spite of good arguments or reasons.

Well, that doesn’t sound Bad necessary.  Not at all!  Ok well I can see how it could be less desirable, if you were on the other side of my stubborn belief.  <Sorry, Peter!!>  But in this case….my opponent in my stubborness….is 10 long miles on the road tomorrow.  I’m going to run them.  Slowly.  Enjoyably.  Prepared with PowerBar Gels, and Gatorade, and my iPod in case I need it.  I’m going to run them — Stubbornly!

Some karma came across my Facebook today in the form of a quote from I <3 to run.  It reads as follows:

I Don’t Stop When I’m Tired.   I Stop When I’m Done.

Stubborn.  I like it.

Ciao for now…….Diane

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